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The Nuquoll letterboxes are different from all other letterboxes & mailboxes.

They are made from tough durable polymers, making them virtually unbreakable and they are all lockable for security against identity theft. The Nuquoll letterbox polymers are all recyclable. Feel secure with our locking mailboxes.



Shipping Container Versatility

Shipping containers are most often thought of as the 20 to 40 foot long shipping containers that are lifted onto a freighter’s deck, lining and stacking them until the deck is full. These durable shipping containers are constructed to withstand the rigors of crossing the tumultuous seas, arriving at their destinations in tact and unharmed, protecting the cargo packed inside. These shipping containers are also lifted onto freight trains, crisscrossing their way across the country on thin rails, occasionally dumping their contents in unfortunate accidents.

Made of strong steel that is corrugated to increase strength, shipping containers are used to ship a plethora of goods from clothing to furniture and beyond. Often loaded to the top and stuffed full from front to back, shipping containers provide the perfect mode to ship large shipments with ease, keeping items safe and secure.

But shipping containers at are so versatile, when their life of transporting sought after products is complete, they often find new life in the most unexpected ways. One of the hottest trends in building today employs the use of these retired containers in the construction industry. Architects emulating modernistic styles covet them for their ease of use and their striking appearance in some of the most innovative construction homeowners have seen.

Their ability to transform into entire homes or enormous rooms in multi-level construction has designers clamoring to integrate them into homes, apartments and other structures. After serving as transport for thousands of pounds of products, these behemoths of the shipping industry find new life in home building projects across the globe. Their ability to withstand the forces of nature, including salt and moisture found in sea air make them ideal for re-purposing into chic modern homes, businesses and restaurants. Designers are only limited by their imaginations when using these containers.

Chelsea Boots – Always in Style

Chelsea Boots – Always in Style

Chelsea boots have been a popular wardrobe staple for decades. First popularized by the Beatles in the 1960s, the boots have weathered the test of time and remained quite trendy. The boots are praised for being easy to slip on and off. They are also stylish, durable and practical.

Of course, today’s Chelsea boots have undergone various transformations over the decades. While the signature elastic side panel remains, the boots have become more colorful over the years. The boots have often been designed with glitter and sparkles, with metal studs and with all sorts of colors. The boots also come in different types of material including leather and suede. The female version of the boots, especially, has many interesting and fun variations. Female versions of the boots often have higher heels and more decorations like buckles and zippers. The female boots capture the preferences of different tastes. Male versions of the boots tend to retain the simple elegance of the earlier versions of the boots. Even for males, however, there are more options today in terms of the colors and materials of the boots.

Fans of Chelsea boots at tend to harp on the quality of the shoes. Although the boots may be a bit pricier, they deliver great value for the price. They are often made from durable material. Also, the boots are extolled for their versatility. They can be worn with formal wear or casual wear. They can be worn with a suit or with jeans. This makes the boots attractive for busy professionals who need to easily transition from a formal to a casual look.

Despite all the transformations, Chelsea Boots remain a timeless and classic shoe. They are popular because they are stylish and practical. Also, nowadays the boots provide many options to suit any taste.